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Good morning loves! What is better than stripes?? Well at this moment, not a lot for me. I am completely loving this outfit and all it has to offer. Every part of it reminds me of a place, a person, and the contribution it has made to my life. Let me tell you a little something about that hat though… it was a piece I discovered in Malaysia while my husband Jacques and I were travelling through Southeast Asia in the beginning of 2015. That was right around the time I launched my business, and was hustling hard every day, “coffee shop hopping” just to get a bit of internet now and again. That hat has seen sun, sand, and even snow. It’s been on countless Uber rides, and reminds me of glances and a hidden face. One thing is for sure, it feeds my soul and gives a certain mystery waiting to be revealed. So keep dreaming lovelies, and never stop finding the beauty in life. Xo

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5 Crucial Things Every Blogger Should do Before Launching


As most of you may know, there are several reasons to start a blog! This can be anything from wanting a creative outlet, chronicling your journey and travels, and even business. Adopting a blog when building your business is key to growing your business. It is great for lead generation, customer retention, and providing your audience with valuable content that not only gives them a glimpse of what you can offer, but also allows them to implement actionable goals within their own lives.


How to Leverage Instagram Influencers to Grow Your Brand

Instagram Marketing

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about Instagram influencers, and how they hold a lot of power in the social world. So what exactly are influencers? Today’s influencers have been called the “tastemakers” of social media. In fact, they often times define the types of experiences your customers will live out and decide which products are on the top of the list to buy.


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